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A partir de ahora, "ANGJO" (nuestro avatar) se dedicará a leernos cuentos cortos. Esto será muy util para mejorar nuestro "LISTENING" (comprensión auditiva) y nuestra PRONUNCIACIÓN. CADA MES APARECERÁ AQUI UN NUEVO CAPITULO O CUENTO,
INSTRUCCIONES : 1) Traducir este texto con la ayuda de un diccionario (en la parte inferior de este blog tenemos un diccionario muy bueno). 2)Buscar a la derecha de este blog el reproductor "ENGLISH AUDIOS" 3)Buscar alli el audio que corresponda con el titulo de este post. 4)Hacer click sobre el audio y seguir con la vista el texto mientras lo oimos. 5)Podemos (haciendo click sobre el audio) repetir las partes dificiles 6)Repetir el audio hasta su completa comprensión y dominio auditivo, incluso podemos intentar leer el texto a dúo con ANGJO.Come with us, please. The fat policeman said in English. What ? Me ? I said. Why ? What´s de matter ? And bring your bag with you. The tall policeman said. I began to ask a question, but policemen never like questions from young men with long hair.

So I stayed quiet, picked up my bag, and went with them. In the station building, there were a lot more policemen, and some people from the train. They were all young people, I saw. Some were afraid, some were bored. The police looked in everybody´s bags. And then the people went back to the train.

My two policemen took me to a table. Your passport, please. The fat policeman said. And open your bag. They looked at my passport, and I opened my bag. There was a young policewoman with red hair at the next table. She had a nice face, so I smiled at her, and she smiled back.

Aaaah. The tall policeman said suddenly. All my dirty shirts and clothes were out on the table. The policeman picked up my bag and turned it over. On to the table, out of my bag, fell packet after packet of U.S. American dollars. Nice, new dollars. Fifty-dollar notes in big packets. A lot of money.

My mouth opened, and stayed open. I couldn´t find my voice. I was suddenly a very interesting person, and a lot of police ran up to our table and stood behind me. 50.000...100.000...150.000... There´s 200.000 dollars here. The tall policeman said. What an interesting bag, Mr. Tom, Walsh. I found my voice again quickly. But its not my bag. I shouted.

There was a big, happy smile, on that policeman´s face. Well. He said. It´s got your name on it. Look. So I looked, and of course, there was my name, and yes of course, it was my bag. So how did 200000 U.S. dollars get into my bag ? You cannot bring U.S. dollars into this country. The fat policeman said.

He had very short grey hair, and little black eyes. He didn´t smile once. But I didn´t bring them. I said quickly. They are not my dollars. I never saw them before in my life, and. There was a lot of noise in the station. I looked out of the window and saw my train. Slowly, It began to move. Hey. I shouted, that´s my train.

The tall policeman laughed. It was a great day for him. Oh no. He said. you are not getting back on that train. You are staying here with us. In our beautiful country. He smiled happily. So I never got back to Sofia on Saturday. I was very unhappy about that.

I wanted to have a little talk with Melanie and Carol. Ask them one or two questions, you know. You are a nice guy, Tom. See you in Sofia, okay. Take you to the best restaurant in town. Yeah. Great. And I never got down to Cyprus or North Africa that winter. Oh well. I live and learn. It´s not an easy life, in prison. But it´s warm in winter. And the food´s not bad.

And I am meeting some interesting people. There´s a man from Georgia U.S.S.R. Boris, his name is. He cames from a place by the Black Sea. He´s a great guy. When we get out of here. He and I are going down to Australia. Brisbane perhaps, or Sydney. Get a job on a ship. Start a new life. Yeah, next year´s going to be okay.

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